What can I expect from a consultation?

The homeopath will make a prescription based on the information provided in the consulting room, which will be treated as highly confidential. This information includes a whole variety of topics, often considered unimportant by doctors.

Firstly, you will be asked about your physical symptoms, what makes them better or worse (called modalities), any particular time of day or season that they appear or are intensified, and if the physical symptom is affected by or changes your mood.

You will then be asked about your mental and emotional experiences, including any ‘triggers’ or ‘buttons’. For example, if you get irritable, what sort of situation makes you irritable?

Factors such as food cravings or aversions, sleep patterns, dreams and feelings will also be considered and may prove very important in the selection of an appropriate remedy.

At all times, the homeopath will be attempting to find information that distinguishes the patient from other individuals. For example, there are over 150 remedies that might cure a cold, but it is the little details that guide towards a particular remedy. Information such as modalities, moods, changes from the ‘normal’ state of the individual, and details such as colour/texture of the catarrh are of utmost importance to a homeopath treating a person with a cold. (Homeopaths love to ask about the specific character of all sorts of discharges, so there’s no need to be embarrassed!)

The homeopath will try to form a complete picture of the patient and will prescribe according to this. Homeopathy does not have specific remedies for specific disorders, but matches the remedy to the individual, not the disease. This is the major difference between homeopathy and conventional medicine but its central to it success.

It is helpful if you keep a diary of symptoms before and after taking a remedy to aid the homeopath in choosing a remedy or assessing the action of a remedy. You might be surprised yourself by the subtle difference that come about!

How much does it cost?

Different homeopaths charge different amounts of money.

Vicky’s charges* are listed below:-

First appointment (up to 2 hours) £70.00
Follow-up appointment (up to 1 hour) £40.00
Telephone prescriptions £20.00

The price of remedies is included in the cost of the consultation, unless special arrangements or formulas need to be ordered. Concessions may be available - please Contact Vicky.

-SAVE £30-
Special Introductory Offer
First appointment AND two follow-ups for £120.00,
(including phone calls if required)

*Please note that cancellation fees are payable for the full cost of the consultation if twenty-four hours' notice is not given.

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